Why should I get record sealing done?

Why is it important to seal my records?

An arrest record can be an extremely negative thing, especially if you didn’t commit any crimes! A client recently came into the office and asked why her prior arrest for an alleged domestic dispute is showing up on her potential employer’s search. It is important to note that this is not a conviction, nor were charges ever brought. It was a simple arrest because her and her husband got into a dispute over a cell phone, and their neighbor called the cops because her husband began to yell at her.

Unfortunately, when the cops come to a potential domestic violence scene, more than 80% of the time, one of the parties will be arrested to allow for a “cooling off” period.

Now, this brings us back to the client. Arrest records are public records that can be searched by anyone. For our client, her arrest record was included in her background check. By sealing her arrest records, her prior arrest will not be found again. And since charges were never brought, the sealing process can be streamlined.

Record Sealing, Is it too late to seal my record?

Now, if there is a situation where a party has been charged and convicted, there are statutory timelines before the records can be sealed. Also, there are some records that cannot be sealed. To see if your records can be sealed, start the process by going to LVMPD at 400 Martin Luther King Blvd., Building C, and request a SCOPE. Once you have your SCOPE, call our office and make an appointment to see if we can seal your records.

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