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Fix A Ticket With The Best Ticket Fixer Service In Las Vegas, NV

fix a ticketTicket Reducer is the best ticket fixer service in Las Vegas, Nevada to help you fix your Las Vegas traffic ticket, warrant, DUI or help if you've been in a car accident. Our professional ticket lawyers know what it takes to help reduce the fines of your ticket to get it fixed as much as possible. Not only do our ticket attorneys reduce your fine, we save you the hassle of the courthouse lines!

Ticket Reducer provides certified traffic attorney assistance for the following services:

Ticket Reducer knows what it takes to lower your traffic violation fines, and get the process taken care of as quickly as possible. Caught speeding? We can help. Our traffic attorneys will give you a free evaluation.

The benefits of using our service is that you receive no DMV points against your record, you don’t have to attend traffic school, there’s no waiting in line at the courthouse, no increases in insurance premium, and most importantly – save your time and money!

Our rates are competitive - only $75 to fix your ticket!


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Fix Your Traffic Ticket
Ticket Reducer will help reduce your fine, cut out the waiting time for the DMV, and eliminate your DMV points

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Help With Your DUI
Sometimes things happen. A DUI can be a complicated process if not handled correctly. Get a consultation now so we can handle it in the best way possible.

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Fix An Outstanding Warrant
Don't let an unfixed warrant get you in jail. Let us get your warrant fixed before it's too late.

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Car Accident Lawyers
Personal injury from a car accident? Our professional lawyers will make sure you are taken care of appropriately and fair.

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Don’t Let Your Violation Become A Warrant!

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until it’s too late! There’s no reason you should let a speeding ticket or traffic violation become a costlier warrant. If it’s too late (and you didn’t reach out to us in time..) then get more info on a Las Vegas warrant search.

We have worked with hundreds of satisfied clients and continue to get our main business from referrals.  Our service uses real lawyers to represent you in court to ensure that your traffic ticket, DUI, car accident, warrant, and record sealing is properly taken care of.  We make sure our clients get the best resolution for their particular case to receive the least amount of fines and save them the headache of proper paperwork filing.

Call us to get a free, no obligation evaluation. You can contact our office at 702-350-2308 or submit your information in the contact form to the right.  We will usually get back to you within one business day.

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Ticket Reducer is a life saver. I had a ticket for speeding, and Ticket Reducer was able to reduce it to a parking violation with no points against my license and my insurance carrier didn’t find out so my rates didn’t increase. Thanks a lot!!!Andrew V.